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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

Let’s start with a reality check. If you created a new soft drink, then you would write article about the best alternatives to coca cola and you would put yourself at the top. This article does not commit that sin, but a lot of them do. This means that you should be very cynical when it comes to this sort of article. You should even check and research the things you read on this article too, because the Internet and the truth do not mix well. Here are a few high payingalternatives to Google Adsense.
 Google Adsense Alternatives 300x182 Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

A Note About “High Paying”

This article assumes that you are using regular Google Adsense and have not moved onto one of their higher paying programs such as the PPA program. This article assumes that you are using Google Adsense and getting between 1c and 15c per click on your adverts. This article gives you ways of doing the same thing but getting more than what Google Adsense are currently paying you.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives


This is mainly for banner and popup adverts, so as you can imagine it is very easy to get approved on the network. All you have to do is sign up and they will take you on. You get between a cent and fifty cents per click. Plus they have incentives for popup adverts too. You do need a balance of over fifty dollars before they let you withdraw.


This is an affiliate network that will run PPC adverts on your website and pay you click money. You do need to have a fair amount of traffic on your blog in order to be accepted. Their cost per click range goes from a cent to one dollar, which is not bad. If you do have the traffic, then approval onto this affiliate network is very easy and very quick. You may withdraw your money from the network if you have earned over fifty dollars.

Tribal Fusion

This network will pay you between 20c and $1, so as you can imagine–it is pretty difficult to get yourself approved on this one. They have demands for how much traffic you get on your website, where you have to several thousand people viewing your website per month. Plus, they have design and URL stipulations for getting onto their network too.


These people do not work by selling clicks. They sell the space on your website. The advertiser buys a slot on your website and pays the advertising company for it. The company that arranges the sale will keep 25% of your website and you keep 75% of the sale. This does not sound like such as great deal, but if you have more than one person interested in your website, then your website may soon become hot stuff. This is when you price starts to rise. Obviously, the company uses other factors to try to get advertisers to pay you more, such as bragging about your PageRank, your Alexa Rank or your traffic numbers.

Yahoo! Bing Network

This is a well known network, but they also make it very difficult for you to get approved on the network. They do pay more though, as you pay click prices ranging from 5c to a dollar. Besides making it difficult for you to be approved with the network, they also make it a bit of a pain to withdraw. They insist that you must have $100 in your account before you withdraw. Such a margin is often a clear indicator that you are dealing with a scammer, but since the Yahoo and Bing collaboration is quite established–in this case it is not a scam.


They do offer an alternative to Google Adsense, but it is a bit of a mixed bag. Their payments are as low as 10% of a cent, but are as high as 30c. It is a PPC affiliate network, so all you need to do is get accepted and they start running the adverts once you add the correct page code (just like Google Adsense).
The main thing about this affiliate network is that it works primarily with blogs, and you need between fifteen and twenty blog posts before you are eligible. However, there are no other stipulations for entry, which is more than most affiliate advertising networks offer. You do have to have made more than $100 worth of earnings before they will pay you, but they claim that they do that because by the time you have earned that amount, they will have confirmed most of your clicks to be sure they were not scammed in any way.

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