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Friday, 28 February 2014

How To Make Money From Dailymotion Videos in Urdu Hindi

Hello and Hi to All Viewers Today i Show You How To Earn Money From Dailymotion Videos.But Before That I want to Tell You that If You Are a Regular Internet User than It is Very Good for This Program.
U also See a Different Video on Social Media Like Facebook,Twitter and etc Sites.They Upload a Different Video with Different Title For Extrication  the Viewers.Can You Think Why They Upload and Waste Our Energy and Time.? If not can I will Tell You That They Upload Videos For Making Money With Those Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube,Daily-motion,Vimo etc.In This Method Earn Money From Video Sharing Sites is also Called Vlogger.Daily 

In This Post i Will tell The Best Way To Make Money From Daily-Motion.For Other Sites Please Wait Some Days. Insha Allah I also give you a Video Tutorials to Other Sites Like YouTube,Vimo etc.

                     Motion Consist Have Three (3) Way For Earning Money.Those Way is in Below.

  • Way #1 Make Money From Uploading Video: The First Way For Making Money From Daily-Motion is that You Upload a Original Video Content and Publish it on daily motion Sites.when Other Viewers View it than You Gain Some Money From video View.You not Net To Video Ads Daily-motion self ads for your Video.If You are interested in This Way Than For Sign Up Click Here.
  • Way #2 Add Video In Your Sites: The Second Way Making Money From Daily-Motion Site is that you Add a Different Video on Our Website or Blog.If Some one Visit Your Site and View Those Video than Daily-Motion Pay per this View.If You like to Get Money From This Method than Click Here.
  • Way #3 Get Help From Sponsors : This is the Hardest Method For Dailymotion Publisher Beacuse in This Method you Need To Help a Different International Brands Like (Coca Cola, Pepsi,Amazon,Other).Say Those For Sponsoring on Your Video Channel.Some Time they Accsept and Some time They Can't.

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