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Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Facebook, called as Social Networking giant, always has something impressive techniques and tricks for everyone. Facebook lovers access daily like Gmail account or any other email.

Facebook chat in to day to day life is the prior thing to use in the young generation. Every teenager likes to chat on Facebook. Some know the tricks for some emotions and other impressive codes and images and cartoons. Some just enter the text in the Facebook chat message. Sharing is just like caring. 

In this blog, I have made every possible way to share my visitors to inform some beautiful tips and tricks that we can use in the social media giant, Facebook. 

Whenever I get some new ideas, the post is ready for you. I am very thankful to all my visitors who like to read my posts. I am humble towards your visits, and would appreciate more when you lovely visitors will start giving me ideas through comments which will make me more and more informative in my upcoming posts. 

This post is on the tips to making the words that we type in Facebook chats in Bold, Italics, Underline and many more effects. 

When we type a word in Facebook chat, it will be just a word and no impressive emotions with it. To make it somewhat highlighted , let us learn a trick to make it bold, italics and underline as we do in our normal word documents or excel spreadsheets, etc. 

It is possible to make the word in a sentence highlighted. 

Facebook chat word highlighting

Suppose, you are going to type a sentence as , "Hi, I am waiting for you in the XYZ lake".

In the above highlighted sentence, may be you just want to highlight any word only bold and underline or both, then you can do so. 

To make the word "XYZ lake" bold 
Type in chat as : *XYZ* lake. Here by using the "*" symbol, before and after the word , it will make the word bold  as : XYZ lake.

To make the word underlined: 
Type the word in the chat as : _XYZ_ lake. It will look as XYZ lake. 

To underline and bold the word:
Type as : Hi, I am waiting for you in the _*XYZ*_ lake. It would appear as : "Hi, I am waiting for you in the XYZ lake. 


Simple tricks for you to follow to make a big difference. 

So, with use of these, now make your chat text look highlighted for important words. 

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