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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

How to Extract RAR Files Without a Password

How to Extract RAR Files Without a Password

This post will help to extract any password protected RAR File. Actually a computer needs a program which performs extraction, Mostly they don’t have built-in program or already installed version.

Method 1

If it asks for a password don’t get hesitated these programs are easy to find and downloaded for free. WinRAR WinZip & 7-Zip can be downloaded free to extract RAR file.
Links : winRAR  .  winZIP  .  7-Zip


  • These free extraction software’s WinRAR, WinZip & 7-Zip don’t need any registration or crack. Once the software is being downloaded and installed fully ten RUN the program
  • Browse files through selecting File>>Open , Find that file which you want to extract. You can Extract this file either you do not know the password. Then click “Open” when you found that file that is to be extracted
  • Click on the “Extract To,” button and select that desired folder which you want to extract the file, then click “Ok.” These extract softwares e.g WinRAR, WinZip and 7-Zip will start extracting RAR-file without confirmation of a password.

Method 2

Second method to remove RAR password with a RAR password remover if you dont have the RAR password to access in.


  • Download and install RAR password Unlocker
  • Run the program, and then click Open to import your locked RAR file
  • Select attack type, and then click Start to remove RAR password
  • This RAR password remover software provides 3 different attack for you to remove RAR password:Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack.
Option 1: Select Brute-force Attack
Brute Force Attack simply tries to guess the password by trying every single combination of characters until the password is found. So it is the most time-consuming method. If you have no idea on your forgotten RAR password, you can select this option and do as follows:
  • 1. Click Recovery in the task bar, and then select Brute-force Attack.
  • 2. Click Start button to remove RAR password.
Option 2: Select Brute-force with Mask Attack
This option is actually a variation from Brute-force Attack, which is more practical to remove the password. With Brute-force with Mask Attack, you can greatly reduce the recovery time by specifying the forgotten password length, characters, etc. If you already know some characters in the password, this attack can be your most suitable choice to do so.
  • 1. Click Recovery in the task bar, and then select Brute-force with mask Attack.
  • 2. Click Brute-force in the task bar, and set password length, character type and others if you remember.
  • 3. Click Start button to remove RAR password.
Option 3: Select Dictionary Attack
Dictionary Attack allows you to remove RAR password according to default dictionary of the program. Besides, you can add your own dictionary to the program in order to shorten the RAR password recovery time.
  • 1. Click Recovery in the task bar, and then select Dictionary Attack.
  • 2. Click Dictionary in the task bar, and make settings for dictionary Attack.
  • 3. Click Start button to remove RAR password.
When you forget RAR password, you can select one of the attack types to help you remove RAR password. The trial version of this RAR password remover can help you remove RAR password within 3 characters. So you can evaluate the RAR password remover before you make your decision.

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