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Monday, 24 February 2014


Now a days,almost  all peoples are getting involved on Facebook. Well,Facebook  is best source of promoting your business or blog..In my previous post which deals in removing yourself from allFacebook group, i have discussed the disadvantages of being added in lot of groups but today i am going to push up the light on the advantages of being added in so many groups. You might have seen that many people are promoting their ventures by posting in groups of Facebook. But posting on allFacebook groups is not a easy task , it requires a lot of hard work and patience.Well, there are thousand of websites which says that they will post to all groups with single click.Only few of them works .And major part of  list of those websites are fake and make Spam from your account.Some of the websites promise to post in all groups by single click  but on some cost.
Well, today i want to reveal a script by which you can post in your all Facebook groups and can drive crazy traffic to your blog,get lot of likes on your page and ultimately  can even increase your profits.However there are many sites which are helping you to post  in all groups but they all uses an Application  to which you have to allow access.But this script does not need any application.It just simply posts in all your Facebook groups by making a loop  and can help you and your ventures a lot.Now,without wasting much of the time,lets grab a look on this tutorial about posting in all groups on Facebook
This trick also uses a script which will assists you to post in your  all groups.
NOTE This script has been tested on Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome.

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                         ►► CLICK  ◄◄

                                   YOU ARE DONE!!!!   

 Leave Your All Facebook Groups Automatically.

Step 1 :- Log in your Facebook account and then head over to all Groups Page[Link].
Step 2 :-
 Click on view script and copy all the code present there.

Step 3 :- 

  • For Google Chrome:- 
Press f12 button to open console box.Paste script in input area and then press enter.
  • For Mozilla Firefox
Press Ctrl+Shift+K to open console box and then paste script in input area and enter enter to run it.
Step 4 :- After running script you see the following box .Type Your post in input area and then click on post to post in your all Facebook Groups.
After the post has been posted in all groups, a pop-up window  will appear stating success message .
Done !
If you faced any problem in using the script , then feel free to ask in comments. :)
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