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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Convert Your 1Gb Memory Card To 2Gb Without BUYING new one

Convert Your 1Gb Memory Card To 2Gb Without BUYING new one

You simply have to follow the given instructions to update your card. After completing the procedure, you will be amazed to view that your 1GB memory card is storing data according to 2GB memory. Before adopting the instructions, make sure that you’ve got a 1GB memory card because the software works only with 1GB cards.
To Convert Your 1Gb Memory Card To 2Gb Without BUYING new one, Flow this instruction:

Step 1: 

  • Insert memory card in your PC.
  • Maintain backup of all the so-called information on the memory card, mainly because first you must format the particular card.

Step 2: 

  • Download & install Skymedi software (google it)
  • After installation, the application will introduce automatically showing a windows using options “Fix” and“Cancel”. From your drop down menu, you should browse the memory card.

Step 3: 

  • When you finally select the location in the card, click on “Fix”, it is going to ask you for this confirmation, you have to simply click “Yes”.
  • After selecting the memory card, the application will demonstrate a size of about 955MB; this is when you have inserted a 1GB memory card.

Step 4: 

  • After finishing the task, the application will request you to unplug the memory cards. Remove it and embed it again. 
  • Now the storage capacity from the memory card is greater to 2GB

Step 5: 

  • If you wish to check the storage of the memory card you are able to click on My computer –> Memory –> Select Attributes. You will see that the dimensions of the memory credit card is 2GB. 
  • If you work with Windows Vista or windows-7, you will notice “Computer” instead regarding “My computer”. Open that right clicks around the memory card, select properties and you will be able to check the dimensions of the memory Memory card.

Reopen the Skymedi

There exists one more way to verify the storage capacity. Reopen the Skymedi and select the location of the memory. This time it will show 1912KB, which is 2GB.

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