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Monday, 24 February 2014

FB-Auto tagging script

1. Make sure your using Mozillafirefox
2. Log into facebook.
3. Now make sure your bookmarks toolbar is active.
4. Rapidly click three times on the red colored code given below, end of the blog. (it will select the whole code)
5. Now drag the code to your bookmark toolbar, it will generate a button. 
6. Open your post by clicking date of post shown in the figure below

7. Now on your address bar "username/post/xxxxx"
we have to obtain the code xxxxx

here code is 237515699763350

8. Open facebook
9. Click the button on your toolbar.
10. A popup box will appear.
11. Paste the code inside the text area if the box.
12. Write your message and click POST.
13. you will see change in the box as the post tbutton vanishes. 
14. Wait for sometimes and you will get a success popup then reloade the page 

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