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Monday, 24 February 2014

Leave All Facebook Groups Automatically.

Facebook,favorite  website of very teenager is growing day by day.Facebook provide very  much privacy to it's users but almost all those users  who are new to Facebook want to make more and more friends and thus sends a lot of requests to unknown people,out of which 60% people do not accept while other 40% people accept .Sometime Facebook blocks the account which seems to be breaking their rules.However, by hook or by crook,people get success in adding a lot of friends.All those who are eager to make new friends follow a custom to make group and add all friends in it.This is quite irritating when someone adds you to useless group and it's useless notifications disturbs you.Well, in the staring we do not bother much about those groups but when the number of groups increases in which you are actively added,it becomes serious matter because you may get a lot of notification from that group and also it's posts will appear in your news feed and will certainly distract your attention to important notification or wall posts.So, now you need to remove you from all of the groups you are currently added ? But it is still a matter of great labor,You have go to each group and leave that groups .And when you are not able to do this you get angry :p at those who added you to those groups.

Well, why you need to worry when you are connected with MTC :p . So today seeing the needs of people we are going to introduce you an awesome tutorial which deals with removing your from all Facebook groups. Like our previous tricks :-sending message to all friends with single clickand Tagging All Friends Automatically On Facebook ,this trick also involves a script which will help you to remove yourself from all Facebook groups.You may have understood the importance of this script .Well, now without wasting much of time, lets head over to this amazing trick and enjoy :)

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NOTE This script has been tested on Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome.

 Leave Your All Facebook Groups Automatically.

Step 1 :- Login your Facebook account.
Step 2 :-
 Click on view script and copy all the code present there.

Step 3 :- 

  • For Google Chrome:- 
Press f12 button to open console box.Paste script in input area and then press enter.

  • For Mozilla Firefox
Press Ctrl+Shift+K to open console box and then paste script in input area and enter enter to run it.
Step 4 :- After running script you will see the following box stating the number of groups leaved 
Done !
If you faced any problem in using the script , then feel free to ask in comments. :)
P.E.A.C.E. And Advanced Happy New Year Guys . :)

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