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Sunday, 23 February 2014

How To Message All Friends Automatically On Facebook 2014

Facebook,biggest social networking site with more than 1 billion active users,is providing us more and more features everyday.In this year 2013,Facebook has introduced us many new features which include graph search,new user interference,chat box updates,chat list updates ,Embed Facebook Posts  and with the end of the year it has also introduced a message in chat list stating that the person is online from Mobile or Computer.However,with these developments,we have also gathered some of the amazing Facebook tricks and tips  that include :-
Well, today i am again back with a trick which is about messaging all Facebook friends on Facebookwith single click time.Actually after posting trick for tagging all friends automatically on Facebook , I thought that there might some other scripts also relating to automating our Facebook. So then i started my research and within period of time i have collected many scripts which i will be soon publishing on MTC blog.

So, as I have already told you about today's trick, lets grab a look on it.You might have understood that we are going to message all friends automatically with help of a script which i will be providing you.All that i can say about this script is that it's amazing.It not even send MSG to friends but also to all those to whom you are following. Isn't it cool? .Yeah,it can help you to promote your Facebook Pages, to getvisitors to your website,to get views to your YouTube videos, to get more likes on your statues and many other promotional things.So now without wasting much more time lets have a look on this amazing script and tutorial about using it 

NOTE This script has been tested on Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome.
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                         ►► CLICK  ◄◄

                                   YOU ARE DONE!!!!   

Message All Friends Automatically On Facebook-2014

Step 1 :- Login your facebook account.
Step 2 :-
 Click on view script and copy all the code present there.

Step 3 :- 

  • For Google Chrome:- 
Press f12 button to open console box.Paste script in input area and then press enter.

  • For Mozilla Firefox
Press Ctrl+Shift+K to open console box and then paste script in input area and enter enter to run it.
Step 4 :-You will see a message in console tab showing that Refused To Load script or something like that but you need not to care that.However, you will see a new box opened in your browser's window.
Type yourmessage inthat box and then click on post.You will see 'waiting' on the box for few seconds and then it will show a pop-up messages Check Pic below .
Done !
Enjoy ;) 
If you face any problem in any step , fell free to message.I would extremely glad to reply you. :)

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