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Monday, 24 February 2014

How To Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page Automatically.-2014 Working Trick.

Making Facebook pages has been became trend.No matters if you manage your Facebook page properly or my, all just wants likes and like son their pages.all are just crazy to get likes on their pages.Some are using bots and some exchanging likes by using addmefast like websites. And many others are doing share for share with related big pages
.But we have missed one thing which is beginning of every page. Yes its is none other than inviting your friends to like pages.Inviting each and every friend is not easy job.It requires great patience .So today we are presenting a script which will help you to inviting all your Facebook friend s to like page automatically .Well, previously also i have posted a article which deals in inviting all friend s to like page automatically but the script posted  in that article does not work any longer because of Facebook's new user interference. As i have already told you  about the new updates of Facebook on my post of messaging all friends automatically on facebook .So today i am presenting a brand new script which will invite all your Facebook friends to like page for you.
Now,without wasting much more times lets put your fingers on this article and gain happy likes.
NOTE This script has been tested on Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome.
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                         ►► CLICK  ◄◄

                                   YOU ARE DONE!!!!   

 Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page Automatically.

Step 1 :- Login your facebook account.
Step 2 :-
 Click on view script and copy all the code present there.

Step 3 :- 

  • For Google Chrome:- 
Press f12 button to open console box.Paste script in input area and then press enter.
Step 4 :-Now A box will open sowing the status of inviting friends to like page.

Done !! 
If you faced any problem, feel free to ask in comments, i would be glad to reply you.

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