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Monday, 10 March 2014

Customize Label Widget In Blogger Blog

Customize Label Widget For Blogger

Customize Label Widget For Blogger
Customize Label Widget brings more beauty in blogger blog. It will make our blog more attractive and designable. We know that by default blogger cloud label widget looked ugly and unprofessional however, if we add some piece of code to style sheet then it could become an eye-catcher for readers & make our blog design lovely. This widget is mostly appeared at the right side of the blog which consist of several labels. Today we will present  an awesome blue color cloud label widget which we have personally implemented on PBT. Since from a long time we have received budles of email from reader to share the PBT labels widget with us. So in today article we will share with you customized label widget for blogger.

Label Widget For Blogger

Well guys you all of know that every blogger use label widget in blog to navigate or jump from one category into another without search any post by Search Engine.  This widget help us to show all the related posts of the same category by single button. So we could easily click on desire niche label to view all the posts of related topics. So in this way we can find multiple posts of the same topic with single label button.
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A  label  widget  is  an  automated  and  official  part  of  a  blog  which  can  be  interlinked and  hold  bundles  of  posts  with  a  single  tab  to  find  multiple  posts  easily  of  the  same category.

How To Add Customize Label Widget In Blogger Blog

    label widget for blogger
    Here is all the beginner steps that you will learn how can we apply any Css designing to labels widget.
    1. Go to blogger dashboard:

    2. Go to Template>>Edit/Html:

    3. Now Search for ]]></b:skin> tag

    4. Past the below given code before ]]></b:skin> tag 

    beautiful label widget for blogger

    beautiful label widget for blogger

     .label-size a{
     margin-bottom: 9px;
     padding:0 10px 0 12px;
    .label-size a:before{
     border-color:transparent #0089e0 transparent transparent;
     border-width:12px 12px 12px 0; 
    .label-size a:after{
     -moz-box-shadow:-1px -1px 2px #004977;
     -webkit-box-shadow:-1px -1px 2px #004977;
     box-shadow:-1px -1px 2px #004977;

    .label-size a:hover{background:#555;}
    .label-size a:hover:before{border-color:transparent #555
     transparent transparent;}
    Finally Click on save button & you done almost:

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    Want Help ?

    Buddies this was a little tutorial all about how to add customize label widget in blogger blog. If you like this widget then you must try to use it it will definitely bring dramatics change in your blog designing. If somebody want a professional label widget for blogger then i will recommended to use this widget for blogger blog. we have personally implement this widget on our blog.

    Guys if you found any bugs or face any difficulty in implementation then do not hesitate to post your problem in comment section. we will back your response as soon as possible.Thanks and happy blogging !

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